Bridal Jewellery

Wedding day is a very special occasion in every ones life in Asian culture. All girls wanted to look the most beautiful and attractive in her wedding day. And why not? she should be.. after all, its the day of the bride. Lots of people come to attend the ceremony they all collect for the bride and groom.



Groom also receives the special treatment on the wedding day but the brides receives more care than the groom, like the dress, makeup and specially the jewellery of the bride holds the great attention of the guests. The necklace is the most versatile piece of bridal jewelry in today’s times. It is available in a variety of styles and colors. The type of necklace is chosen depending upon the neckline of the bride’s dress as well as the color and pattern.According to fashion experts, a long necklace would look good with a deep neck, while a choker would suit a smaller neckline.Pakistani Bridal jewelery is very famous for its wide range of styles, designs and subtle. Handmade jewelry is very special item among all round the women in any event or celebration. But it is very popular in Pakistan. It plays an important role in wedding attire. Some of these styles are mixed with western styles to produce great combination of gold and precious stones wedding jewelry, as well as for everyday wear.An armband is called ‘Bajubandh’ in Hindi. It is also a widely used piece of bridal jewelry, which is worn on the upper part of the arms.

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