Sonam Kapoor Hairstyle

One of the latest stars in the making is the pretty and lissome Sonam Kapoor.Sonam Kapoor  who's really got exceptionally classy sense of style in Bollywood is certainly.With her long legs, slim frame, pretty face, million-dollar smile and gorgeous long hair, Sonam carries off just about any look. She plays with her clothes, accessories, hair and make-up to come up with a refreshing yet chic look each time. She sure knows how to play with accessories.




Whether it is her Chanel bag or a fun dress picked from Topshop, she mixes and matches and carries herself with poise.on her style, Sonam says, "I am open to different things and experimenting with my look. I am fine with a buffoon look, sober Indian look, boho, grunge, etc as I love to play around with my look."


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